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Original Mock-Up Created By Houdini

Welcome to HoudiniHimself. In launching this site my intentions are to share the information I have acquired and the experiences I have encountered in collecting Houdini memorabilia for thirty-five years. Throughout the years I have collected numerous items of interest, by and about Houdini. From time to time, I will be posting pictures of some of these items and discuss significant information about them. Click on any blog tab to read and respond to the latest on Houdini and magic. I hope you enjoy the site.

Kevin Connolly Collection
I have collaborated on the most noteworthy Houdini books, exhibitions, documentaries and magazines for over 20 years. I am currently working on two, soon to be released, Houdini books. I am also working on a major Houdini exhibition that will be traveling cross-country for two years. I will post more details on these projects as they get closer to completion. If I can be of any assistance with an upcoming Houdini project or magic undertaking, please contact me. This site has a secure store that will carry hundreds of Houdini related items, as well as rare magic books and ephemera available for purchase, most items will be one-of-a-kind. There will be items for the beginner, as well as the advanced collector. Every so often I will list a piece from my own personal collection for sale. These items can be found in the store under Rare Houdini Items category. Please check back frequently or you may miss your chance to own a great piece of Houdiniana or a rare magic collectible.
Kevin Connolly Collection
If you are looking for a particularly rare Houdini piece or magic collectible, please let me know. When you need that hard to find gift for that special person, I may have something for them. If I don’t have it, I might be able to locate it for you.

I will purchase and trade for Houdini items. I am interested in:

  • Houdini Books - Either by or about Houdini
  • Houdini Autographs - Signed or Inscribed Items
  • Houdini Movie Items - Lobby cards, stills, books and ephemera
  • Houdini Postcards
  • Houdini Business Cards
  • Houdini Trade Cards - Cigarette, cigar, candy, etc.
  • Houdini Photographs - Either originals or reproductions
  • Houdini Challenges and Handbills
  • Houdini Pitchbooks - Booklets sold at Houdini performances
  • Houdini Magic Sets - From the 1920's -1930’s
  • Houdini Posters and Broadsides
  • Houdini Advertising
  • Houdini Era Newspapers and Magazine Articles
  • Houdini Era Ephemera
  • Hardeen, Bess and Family Items
  • Magic History and Biographies
  • Kevin Connolly Collection

    Please contact me if you have any of the items mentioned above available for sale or trade. I am interested in purchasing a single item, as well as an entire collection.

    Enjoy the site,

    Kevin Connolly