I Can’t Say Much, But…..

I will make my long awaited appearance sometime in March of 2015. I can say no more as my hands are tied.

UPDATE: It seems the great mystic knew what he was talking about. ;)


Houdini SAM Card Sells for $1800+

This 1923 SAM card signed by Houdini sold tonight for over $1,800.00US+. It seems Houdini is still leading the magic collecting world in prices realized.

If anyone missed out this card, not to worry. I have a 1924 card available that is in at least as good condition with better contrast of the signature. I would like to trade it for other Houdini era items. If you have something of interest, please email me.

Houdini: The Flip Side

Here is the other side of “The Master Mystery” insert ad.

Reviews of the Masters’ “Master Mystery”

Here are some of the reviews of Houdini’s “The Master Mystery”. These ads could be found in various motion picture magazines of the day. They were printed on heavy card stock and inserted into the magazine during binding. Since the ad was on such heavy stock than the rest of the magazine, when a reader flipped through the magazine, the flipping would automatically stop where it was inserted. Pretty neat, eh?

I’ll post the other side tomorrow. Enjoy.

For Sale

Original 1922 Orpheum with Houdini performing the “Chinese Water Torture Cell”, aka USD. Condition is very fine with a couple small closed tears on the edge. Price: $150 plus postage in the USA.

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas From The Houdinis

Hoping you have a magical Christmas. Have a great day and enjoy yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving

Kevin Connolly Collection

May your Thanksgiving Day table be as bountiful as this one arranged be Bess Houdini for Harry.

Classic Houdini Photo For Sale

In my opinion, this is one the best Houdini images that I know of. (and I have seen a few ;) ) This is an original 8×10 photo on heavy weight stock by Butler Studios of Chicago. The studio slightly blurs most of the image, leaving Houdini’s eyes peering straight at you.  On the back is stamped “Houdini Original” “Harry Houdini Collection”. The photo is in excellent condition. If you have one choice for a Houdini image for your collection, this might be your choice.

Price: $425.00 Firm

Here’s One For You Houdini Movie Mavens

Any thoughts on this? Rarity? Purpose?