Young Houdini Photo For Sale

This a very early image of Houdini. It’s 4″ X 6″ later copy, probably done in the last 30 years is my guess. It is a photo and not a laser print. Price: $20.00 delivered in the USA.

Holy Smokes! Houdini For Sale!

Thanks to David Saltman for unearthing this letter. Courtesy of the Boston Public Library.

Original Houdini Cigarette Card From Cuba For Sale

First, I would like to thank Houdini scholar, David Saltman, for unearthing the letter you see above. It is from a Houdini scrapbook which is located in the Boston Library. For years I have wondered¬† if Houdini even knew that this card existed. I was curious as to whether or not Houdini was aware of other cigarette, cigar or trade cards that were printed in other countries. This letter seems to bear out that Houdini knew about the trade cards of him that were out there. Here is a link to David’s excellent Houdini site: -

The card below the Houdini letter is now available to add to your collection. This is most-likely the same type of card Houdini attached to his letter. The card is also from Cuba. If you are interested in this card or have any questions, please email me at .

Price:$450.00 Delivered in the USA.

Was This A Good Deal?

A similar printing mat was sold at the Houdiniana Auction last month for $360.00. Do you think it was fair price for it?

I think it was fair price for such an ephemeral piece of Houdini memorabilia. This piece is made of cardboard and not like one of the old metal and wood printing blocks that could take a beating. The ad mat has few things going for it. I like that it was used by Houdini in his newspapers advertising later in his career. It wouldn’t be too difficult to locate and buy the ad from an original newspaper somewhere online. You can then display them together and have a nice conversation piece. To me, association pieces always seem make an item a little more interesting.

Hitting The Houdini Jackpot…If You’re A Seller!

This Houdini “rarity” was just listed on Ebay tonight. The seller has an opening price of $450.00 and a “But-It-Now” price of just $590.00! This is the more common variety number 1 and it does have some condition issues.

For all the people who were moaning and groaning about the high prices of Houdini items at auctions, I have an idea. Instead of being a bidder, be a seller!

Nicole, Houdini And Me

There is connection between the three of us. I just sent in the agreement and release forms. You should be able to see the final product in a month or so. I’ll know more next week.

Collecting Houdini On The Cheap

After the very successful results of the Houdiniana Auction held by Potter &  Potter Auctions, I have a question. Can a new collector amass a desirable Houdini collection without going deep into debt? What do you think?

Houdini Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

Houdini Threatens To Jump

Kevin Connolly Collection

Houdini threatens to jump if the History Channel broadcasts probably the worst Houdini project, definitely the worst Houdini movie ever, again. Luckily, the many bad reviews for “Houdini: The Stinkeroo Movie” and very low interest and response in the magic world to it, is a blessing.

Not Even A Very Bad Movie Can Not Stop Houdini

Not even two horrible nights of watching “Houdini: The Stinkeroo”, can stop the interest in the collecting of Houdini related items. This bust sold today on Ebay for $255.00+, which is most likely a record price for this piece. Luckily, the Houdiniana auction is still fresh in the minds of most collectors. Whereas “Houdini: The Stinkeroo”, is setting its’ own records…. of sorts.

Houdini Meets Reality TV

There are just too many words to describe what we all just watched for the last two nights. None of them positive. Feel free to post your thoughts. Please try to keep it down to one volume for each of your posts.