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Tony Curtis AKA Houdini, Going For A Tune-Up

Houdini Tony

I’m sending this piece out to be cleaned and mounted on linen. Let’s see how it turns out.

Someone Laughed…



When they asked me how many Houdini postcards were out there/When I said at least a 100, maybe 200 and possibly more, he laughed.

I think I may have been right. :)

This is now on eBay for $49.95.

I Forget Now

Tony C


I forget now if I ever posted this poster before. My wife Susan helped me hang it and we did it one shot. After hanging it, we stepped back and acted like we hit the lottery.

Now if Susan would let me hang the framed set of lobby cards that go with this. :)


Please Don’t!


This just showed-up on eBay. Guys, please don’t be carrying this the next time I see you at a convention or an auction. Please!

Houdini’s Ship Comes In



A very advanced magic collector asked me recently how many different Houdini postcards are out there. I said at least 100 and possibly many more. He scoffed at the idea. I mentioned to him that back when these cards were made, they cost about a penny to produce. All you had to do is have your photo put on a postcard. It was inexpensive and was in vogue for some time.

If you want this postcard, it’s now on eBay. Good Luck!

A Busy Week For Houdini In 1907




I ran across this program tonight. This was Houdini’s schedule for a week in 1907. He sure wasn’t “phoning it in”.

A Small Glitch



The other day WordPress told me I should update my site and so I did. Needless to say it took its’ toll on the site. I’m trying to restore it, but haven’t hit the right solution yet. Hopefully I’ll get it back to normal.

Not Even The Blizzard Of 2016 Could Stop It

Span Red Front

Span Red Back


It has taken almost 3 weeks to arrive, but here it is. I was starting to think that it was lost in the blizzard. If anyone else has Houdini trade cards they like to share here, please drop me a line or post a comment.

The Least You Can Do……


…is to give me a photo credit for using material from my collection. You might even try asking for permission to use it.

Heeeee’s Back!


The seller of last week’s Houdini postcards has just listed this on eBay. It looks-like a good start to the week. He is also selling other items of magicians who were part of Houdini’s life over the years. Thanks Mr. Dunbar.