3 Lithgow For Sale

I have three original Lithgow The Master Magician for sale. I would say that they are at least 100 years old and probably are older than that. Of interest the magic historian, magic / ventriloquist / minstrel / crystal gazer collectors. They would make a nice addition to any collection.

Price: $75.00 delivered in the USA.

I’m Holding Out For April 6th For Houdini’s Birthday

No matter what all of the biographies say, Houdini preferred April 6th more than today. :)

The Grim Game Is Playing This Week?

Kevin Connolly Collection

I thought I read about this somewhere.

Thanks Mr. Weltman for saving this film.

Do You Want To Take A Guess?

Does anyone care to date this picture? I think I’ll go with 1903. Houdini looks very young in this image.

Miracle Mongers Inscribed By Houdini Just 25 Cents!

Here is a link to an “Antique Roadshow” segment when someone found a signed “Miracle Mongers” inscribed by Houdini for 25 cents. Although the appraiser BS’ed his way through the segment, it goes to show everyone that Houdini material is still out there to be found.


It Was A Tough Fight Ma ……

Although it looks-like it’s a different color than the Potter Auction challenge, here it is. Thanks Andrew Pegman for making me talk to myself for the last two hours. I needed the company. ;)

Very Challenging

As Houdini faced another difficult challenge, I’m kind of doing the same thing. I have been trying to organize my collection and I think I’m making some progress. Hopefully I can maintain this pace and keep the ball rolling.

Need A Houdini Fix?

You still have six hours to get a bid on today’s Haversat & Ewing magic auction. If you are looking for Houdini or anything in magic collectibles, you should visit the current auction before it is too late. Here is the link to the Houdiniana.

http://haversatewing.hibid.com/catalog/55274/haversat-and-ewing-march-auction-event?cat=0&sort=1&hide=0&qs=0&view=0&aView=0&q=Houdini&selCat=0 -

Good Luck!

A Houdini Pass For Dunninger

Here is a nice piece of Houdiniana that may be of interest to you. This is Joseph Dunninger’s own Executive Pass for the “Houdini Magical Hall of Fame”. The pass is about the size of a Society of American Magicians membership card. The card is in a sewn red leather fold over wallet with the museum’s logo on the outside. Houdini and Dunninger were very good acquaintances in the 1920′s and did correspond with each other frequently. It seems apropos that their lives were still intertwined some 40 years after Houdini’s death with the issuance of this piece.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in this piece for their collection, I would be interested in a trade for other pre-1930 Houdini, Hardeen or escape artist material. If you have anything to trade, please email me at hhoudini@optonline.net .

Houdini Sleeping On Ebay

This postcard sure looks good to me. I’m not selling it, but just in case you missed it, here is the link.


I guess there are still Houdini bargains still out there. Good luck!!