I Can’t Say Much, But…..

I will make my long awaited appearance sometime in March of 2015. I can say no more as my hands are tied.

Happy Thanksgiving

Kevin Connolly Collection

May your Thanksgiving Day table be as bountiful as this one arranged be Bess Houdini for Harry.

Classic Houdini Photo For Sale

In my opinion, this is one the best Houdini images that I know of. (and I have seen a few ;) ) This is an original 8×10 photo on heavy weight stock by Butler Studios of Chicago. The studio slightly blurs most of the image, leaving Houdini’s eyes peering straight at you.  On the back is stamped “Houdini Original” “Harry Houdini Collection”. The photo is in excellent condition. If you have one choice for a Houdini image for your collection, this might be your choice.

Price: $425.00 Firm

Here’s One For You Houdini Movie Mavens

Any thoughts on this? Rarity? Purpose?

Just Missed It

I just noticed that the Houdini Edison cylinders were recorded 100 years this past Thursday. When this resurfaced about a year after John Mulholland died, there were six cylinders. Two cylinders had variations for the introduction of the Water Torture Cell.  Another had a recording of Houdini’s sister, Gladys, read a poem in  German written by their father. Houdini than translated it into English.  That makes three cylinders and what they had on them. What is on the other three cylinders? Do they exist?

Houdini and Beatrice Bookplates

Both bookplates attached to old front free end marbled page from a book most-likely from Houdini’s home. Price: $325.00

Theo Hardeen – Your Choice

Be There Or Be Square

1993 pass for the Broken Wand Ceremony for Houdini sponsored the Society of American Magicians. Price: $15.00 delivered in the USA.

In The Dressing Room With Houdini, Bess And Jim Collins Too

The Houdini world got their treat yesterday, today you get your trick.

Happy Halloween!

There Will Be No Fighting Over The Grim Game…Period!

Kevin Connolly Collection

Almost two weeks after the passing of Larry Weeks, it’s time to say something. There has been so much buzz about what will happen to the copy of “The Grim Game”, that something should be said about its’ fate. The information I give will be intentionally vague. Although what I will write will seem somewhat lacking in details; I received it from a very good source. This will be all I can say about it.

The copy of “The Grim Game” was being heavily pitched in the inner Houdini Circle over the last 2 years by an agent for Larry Weeks. I was told that it was sold when Larry was alive. Who or what bought it; I cannot say.

My feelings are that it will be restored and will be made public, either by public viewing or by purchase. Whatever the case, it’s in a much better environment than it has been for the last 60 to 70 years.

The End