You Just Might Have This On Your Shelf Too

This piece was in my inbox on Friday. Before even looking at the inscription and signature, the image set-off a light bulb on top of my head. I’ve seen this image for the better a part of 40 years of collecting Houdini. I’m sure if you just slightly try to think where you have seen it, you will figure it out quickly. Hint: Look at your Houdini books starting alphabetically with the letter “K”.

I contacted the auction house, which in my opinion, is one of the larger ones in the USA, on Friday. I asked if the piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, aka a COA. With the long weekend I finally received a reply from the auction house today. They said that if I won this piece, a COA with come with the piece. I feel better already.

I emailed them back with my thoughts about this item. Let’s see what happens from here.

Houdini Deal Of The Day

This booklet is on Ebay with 3 days to closing. It looks-like a decent copy from what I see. The opening bid is $45.00. Although the auction states the book is from the 1920′s, it’s closer to 1940.  If you don’t have this in your Houdini library, you may want to consider it. Here is the link:

Good Luck!

There’s No Esacaping It Houdini….

I’m sorry to say Harry, but you have to pay your taxes.

Happy Birthday Harry Houdini

Happy birthday to Harry Houdini. It seems-like it was just two weeks ago since his last birthday.

PS Line forms to the right people. ;)

3 Lithgow For Sale

I have three original Lithgow The Master Magician for sale. I would say that they are at least 100 years old and probably are older than that. Of interest the magic historian, magic / ventriloquist / minstrel / crystal gazer collectors. They would make a nice addition to any collection.

Price: $75.00 delivered in the USA.

I’m Holding Out For April 6th For Houdini’s Birthday

No matter what all of the biographies say, Houdini preferred April 6th more than today. :)

The Grim Game Is Playing This Week?

Kevin Connolly Collection

I thought I read about this somewhere.

Thanks Mr. Weltman for saving this film.

Do You Want To Take A Guess?

Does anyone care to date this picture? I think I’ll go with 1903. Houdini looks very young in this image.

Miracle Mongers Inscribed By Houdini Just 25 Cents!

Here is a link to an “Antique Roadshow” segment when someone found a signed “Miracle Mongers” inscribed by Houdini for 25 cents. Although the appraiser BS’ed his way through the segment, it goes to show everyone that Houdini material is still out there to be found.

It Was A Tough Fight Ma ……

Although it looks-like it’s a different color than the Potter Auction challenge, here it is. Thanks Andrew Pegman for making me talk to myself for the last two hours. I needed the company. ;)