Collecting Houdini On The Cheap

After the very successful results of the Houdiniana Auction held by Potter &  Potter Auctions, I have a question. Can a new collector amass a desirable Houdini collection without going deep into debt? What do you think?

Houdini Takes The Ice Bucket Challenge

Houdini Threatens To Jump

Kevin Connolly Collection

Houdini threatens to jump if the History Channel broadcasts probably the worst Houdini project, definitely the worst Houdini movie ever, again. Luckily, the many bad reviews for “Houdini: The Stinkeroo Movie” and very low interest and response in the magic world to it, is a blessing.

Not Even A Very Bad Movie Can Not Stop Houdini

Not even two horrible nights of watching “Houdini: The Stinkeroo”, can stop the interest in the collecting of Houdini related items. This bust sold today on Ebay for $255.00+, which is most likely a record price for this piece. Luckily, the Houdiniana auction is still fresh in the minds of most collectors. Whereas “Houdini: The Stinkeroo”, is setting its’ own records…. of sorts.

Houdini Meets Reality TV

There are just too many words to describe what we all just watched for the last two nights. None of them positive. Feel free to post your thoughts. Please try to keep it down to one volume for each of your posts.

Oh Baby! Was That A Stinker!

I just watched the Houdini movie tonight. Who do I see to get my 2 hours of my life back?

Well, at least they had Jim Collins stage uniform correct. They must have visited here.

Fresh Houdini Today!

Kevin Connolly Collection

This arrived today by Fed Ex. This was lot 196 form the Houdiniana Auction this past Saturday. I’m glad I have something new to look at.

Houdini Warehouse / Workshop Circa 1920′s

Kevin Connolly Collection

If you read the post “Houdini Haunt” below, we showed you what Houdini’s warehouse/workshop looks-like today.  The above picture is of the area, and maybe even the warehouse, circa the 1920′s, when Houdini was located here.

I was going through some books and I ran across this image. The book was celebrating West New York’s, in New Jersey, Golden Jubilee in 1948. I grew up about 37 blocks away from Houdini’s workshop when I was a living in the next town of West New York. The water at the top right of the photo is a reservoir. Behind the water are homes and factories. This may be the area where Houdini’s warehouse was.  If you go back to the map in the other post, you’ll see 19th street and the reservoir are almost right next to each other. I can’t guarantee it that it is his workshop, but the image above is from the era when Houdini was there.

It’s something to see the reservoir and the open space back then. Today, Union City is the most densely populated city in America and probably on the face of the Earth.

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This Way To Houdini’s House —->

Street Sign To Houdini's House Courtesy of David Stahl

No, not 278 West 113th street in New York City. This is Houdini’s  home in Budapest. Noted magic historian and collector, David Stahl, has tracked down Houdini’s home in Budapest. David was kind enough to send some images of the building and surrounding area. Please click on the pictures for more details.

David Stahl In Front Of Houdini's Home In Budapest

This is a photo of David standing in front of Houdini’s home. It’s a great image of the building and the activity near it.  One can almost imagine the Weiss family being there. I asked David to look for anything Houdini related material, like a new book on Houdini. He said there wasn’t anything being sold in the area with Houdini’s relationship with Budapest. He did say the locals knew of Houdini, but not of Ehrich Weiss.

Houdini's Birth Record Building Courtesy Of David Stahl

Here is the building that holds Houdini’s birth record. Unfortunately, it was closed when David arrived. He does have the contact information and will inquire more about acquiring copies of the record.

David tells me that he will post more images on his Facebook  page when he can. He even has a video of the area. You have to leave it up to David Stahl to find all this wonderful material on Houdini. He’s been turning up material on the Great Lafayette for years. Not an easy task, to say the least. Thanks David.

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There’s Still Hope…Stanhope That Is

Kevin Connolly Collection

Sample of image inside one of the Stanhopes

If you missed out on lot #136 “Houdini Stanhope Lens Viewer”, your luck may just have changed. I have both variants of these little trinkets for sale. One has the image you see above. The other one has Houdini’s signature in the image under the airplane which is probably the one that is more difficult  to find.

Here is the deal. The Stanhope sold on Saturday for $900.00 plus 20% commission, for a total of  $1080.00. That is the price for just one piece.

I’m selling both known variants from my collection for $1,950.00US for the two of them. I will accept $1,900.00 if paid by check or money order. If you are interested in them, let me know. These are the only ones I have. I will consider a trade for other Houdini items or from other magicians of his era.