Just When You though You Seen It All In Houdini….

If you are reading this post and wearing these too, you are probably beyond help. And don’t use the excuse you had to add these to your collection for what ever reason you may give. :)

* Ladies are excused. ;)

Save Your Pennies People

Upcoming Houdiniana Auction August 23, 2014

I hope all of you have your rainy day funds ready for what may be the most well-rounded Houdini auction ever. You name it, in Houdini collectibles, it will probably be in this catalog and ready to add to your collections. If you collect or are an historian in any field of Houdini, this catalog is a must have. Here is just general listing of what the catalog will contain, in no specific order” Autographs, Unpublished Photos, Items Owned by Houdini, Posters( One being Unique), Books, Scrapbooks, Correspondence, Hardeen, Beatrice Houdini, Escape Artists, Handcuffs and Houdini ephemera galore. I’m sure there will be a few must have or love to have items for each and everyone one of you serious Houdini collectors and historians.

Here is the link to order the catalog from Potter & Potter Auctions:

http://www.potterauctions.com/auctions/upcoming -

In case you’re outbid in the Houdini part of the sale or not interested in that area of magic collecting(perish the thought), there will be a fine offering of magic memorabilia following the Houdini part of the auction.

For those that frequent here, I’ve consigned a few trinkets in this auction. You may even recognize them when you see that catalog.

Good luck to all.

The Crystal Ball Is Working Well. It Says…..

From what I see in the crystal ball, much Houdini will be appearing very shortly to all in the world of Houdiniana. I would say in a short time, it will become very clear to all of us. If you collect Houdini material of any kind, I’m sure it will make an appearance. I saw things in the crystal that I never saw before, some I never knew existed. And I saw a few Houdini pieces in my day. It just may be the best…., but I digress.

As the vision in the crystal started to fade away, it gave one last sign. It said “Be prepared”.

Help Identify Houdini

Do any of you Houdini aficionados know where this page appeared in print?

Does The $25,000.00 Houdini Book Exist?

As we all know, when it comes to Houdini items at auction, most of the times there is heavy bidding. With the multitude of bids, comes a usually high final bid at the end of each lot. This theory of mine does not work with Sorcar or Dante items.

So with such keen interest in Houdini items, especially at auctions, does a $25,000 Houdini books exist? My answer is no…..and yes. The above signed book is a very nice item that has been circulating through emails the last couple of weeks in the Houdinisphere. It’s a very nice association piece with Houdini’s history as a pilot. Is this book worth $25K. I don’t think so. It was first offered at $28,000 and now is open to counter offers. I’m sure it will sell when it the price reaches a level that the buyer and seller both will be happy with.

As for the $25,000 Houdini book existing, it most likely does. As a matter of fact, I think it will come to market in about 6 weeks. Save your pennies.

The Three Foot Houdini Shelf

If you only had an area that measured three feet wide to keep your most important books on or by Houdini, which ones would you choose? The criteria for the shelf would be that the book is either rare or highly desirable. Another criteria for the shelf would be an important book, such as a biography, that no Houdini library should be without.

My first two choices would be the two books you see above. They come from both ends of the spectrum in regards to Houdini books. “Magic Made Easy” which is one of Houdini’s earliest books isĀ  rare and seldom encountered. I would guess that most Houdini collectors have never even held one, let alone own one.

In my opinion, “Houdini!!!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss” by Ken Silverman, is the best book on Houdini ever published and would be the biography to own. When this classic work was first published, it left all other previous Houdini biographies in its’ wake. From this title, all other biographies are now judged.

What books would you add to the shelf?

Conjurers’ Tales For Sale

1910 Conjurers Tales by George Johnson – fine condition – There’s one on Ebay for $70 plus $11.00 postage. The book here looks to be in much better condition. Here is the link to one on Ebay:

http://www.ebay.com/itm/JOHNSON-CONJURERS-TALES-/181193398429?pt=Non_Fiction&hash=item2a2ff7d89d -

My price is $55.00 delivered in the USA.

Houdini In Russia

A classic Houdini book in Russian. More to follow.

Hide And Seek With Harry Houdini

Do you have a few minutes to kill? These were Houdini’s printing blocks that he used for one of his publications. Maybe you can find out in which publication Houdini used them in. Happy hunting.

Houdini Related Comic With A Touch Of Racism

Image From: http://strippersguide.blogspot.com/2013/07/ink-slinger-profiles-cp-meier.html

This comic appeared for just two months in the year of 1928. It was drawn by C.P. Meier. It was probably the idea of Joseph Dunninger, as he the inspiration for most of the adventures of Willie Ikindoit and Lamp Black. Along with the comedic magic adventures the pair explore, racism runs throughout this short-lived series. In one adventure, the boys see Dunninger escape a pair of handcuffs. They figure they can escape from them too by using an extra key. The only problem is that Lamp Black swallowed the key!

This original storyboard by Meier is about about 1 foot by 2 feet. To read more about C.P. Meier and about this comic series, you should visit this excellent site: