Why Spend $2,500?

This rare issue of Weird Tales was listed tonight with a unreserved opening bid of $9.95. There are currently 3 bids. There is another issue on eBay that the seller is asking for $2,500 for it. Granted the latter is in better condition, this is a nice opportunity that most Houdini collectors can participate in bidding on. Here is the link:



For Your Consideration

Here is a Houdini pitchbook that you don’t see everyday. This is the pink/red variation of the  1922 edition. It is usually found with orange covers. The price is still very reasonable. The auction closes in just under three days. Here is the link:


The Houdini material is still out there people. Good Luck!

This Should Be Interesting

This Houdini broadside will close on eBay in less than two hours. It has some scratching their heads. Also of interest are the questions about the piece. The seller sounds-like a real prince. Here is the link:


I wonder how our man in New Zealand let this slip past his radar? Foxing is not an excuse. ;)

Time For A Strange Houdini Collectible

Does anyone have one of these in their collections or has anyone ever heard of it. It’s an interesting piece indeed. The “album” contains two 45RPM records with four corresponding film strips; each heavy gauge strip has 14 images.  The records and the film strips were designed to be used in school classrooms.

I really don’t know much about this item, but this is what I assume. In order to listen to the records and view the filmstrips a particular type of record player and  projector would have had to be used. I would presume  you would insert the filmstrips into the projector and play the records. A cue from the recording would change the tractor-fed strip. I do not have the equipment to listen to the records or to view the filmstrips.  I don’t know what is on the records, but images of Houdini can be seen on the filmstrips.

Care to add your two cents?

The Houdini Brothers For Sale Or Trade

Price:$650.00 US

Price: $600.00 US

A similar postcard sold in the March 2015  Haversat & Ewing auction for over $700+. Please click on the images as condition varies on both of the cards. The postcards were printed in England, circa 1920.

If you are interested in buying a postcard or trading for it, please email me.  I only have two of these postcards, so good luck.

What Is A Houdini Collector To Do?

This piece was listed earlier on eBay. I think most Houdini collectors could spot that this “Houdini” autograph has issues. There are a few things that concern me about this piece.

The first is that it comes with a certificate of authenticity or COA. Everyone wants a COA for there items these days and I understand that. It doesn’t mean that if you have a COA, that makes the item genuine or real. Here is a link to an article about this authenticator. I’m sure you can find more if you search the net.

http://live.autographmagazine.com/forum/topics/ebay-bans-christopher-morales -

Another thing that concerns me is that eBay can do a better job of protecting sellers. I know they force us to use PayPal in the USA(which maybe against the law), and they will make good on the money if a problem arises. That doesn’t help the confidence of the collector and the time he wasted on acquiring the piece. That can sure takes its’ toll on a novice collector who is looking for a fair deal.

Here is the link to the auction:


I’m doing my best at this end.

These Lobby Cards Should Bring A Jolt To Your Wallet

There are 11 newly listed Houdini lobby cards by Profiles In History via eBay.  For the most part, they are very nice and should be of interest to most Houdini and movie collectors.


I would look at the commission on these items. They seem to range fro 20% to 28% per lot.

Houdini Sharing A Coca-Cola With……Houdini

Just when you thought you have seen it all in Houdini. I’m sure many of you will take a double-take.

Place Your Bets People

This two page Houdini letter appeared on eBay a few hours back. It has a bid of $750. It may have had a “Buy-it_Now” which would have been cancelled when a regular bid was placed. Here is the link to the auction:


It’s a nice, fully holographic letter that was written on two pages of stationery. The letter is boldly signed and mentions Houdini’s birthday on April 6th.

What do you think the hammer price will be at the end of the auction?

No Russian To Conclusions

Kevin Connolly Collection

Now you know for certain where the “Russian Maltese Falcon” has landed. As I mentioned  a few days ago I had been waiting for a Houdini piece to arrive, well, it finally arrived. I must say it was without a doubt worth the wait. The book is in much better condition than the catalog description, which is a credit to Potter Auctions.

Having assembled a considerably well-rounded collection of Houdini pitchbooks over the years; I am now thrilled to add this little gem. A few months back  I had purchased the only known copy of the “Master Mystery” published in Budapest, it too was a stunning addition to my collection. http://houdinihimself.com/?p=5661

I am still dazed to have acquired these two virtually unknown Houdini titles. I thought I had known every Houdini title ever  published. With the discovery of these two rare books, one can only wonder what will magically appear next.