This Way To Houdini’s House —->

Street Sign To Houdini's House Courtesy of David Stahl

No, not 278 West 113th street in New York City. This is Houdini’s  home in Budapest. Noted magic historian and collector, David Stahl, has tracked down Houdini’s home in Budapest. David was kind enough to send some images of the building and surrounding area. Please click on the pictures for more details.

David Stahl In Front Of Houdini's Home In Budapest

This is a photo of David standing in front of Houdini’s home. It’s a great image of the building and the activity near it.  One can almost imagine the Weiss family being there. I asked David to look for anything Houdini related material, like a new book on Houdini. He said there wasn’t anything being sold in the area with Houdini’s relationship with Budapest. He did say the locals knew of Houdini, but not of Ehrich Weiss.

Houdini's Birth Record Building Courtesy Of David Stahl

Here is the building that holds Houdini’s birth record. Unfortunately, it was closed when David arrived. He does have the contact information and will inquire more about acquiring copies of the record.

David tells me that he will post more images on his Facebook  page when he can. He even has a video of the area. You have to leave it up to David Stahl to find all this wonderful material on Houdini. He’s been turning up material on the Great Lafayette for years. Not an easy task, to say the least. Thanks David.

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  • I think so too. To my knowledge, photo’s were never published of Houdini’s home in Budapest.

    I’ve seen the birth record, mentioned in the post, when it was published by the SAM in 1972. Larry Arcuri and Milbourne Christopher were two people on the “Houdini Birth Research Project” back then. Christopher went over to Budapest, as I remember it, to dig up some answers. I don’t recall him showing any photos of the home when he attended the Parent Assembly meetings though.

  • Excellent. Thanks for posting.

  • This was all David’s hard work. I just peck at the keyboard. :)

  • Well, your pecking is duly appreciated. :) This stuff is great. By the way, does David know in which part of that building the Weisz family lived? Which window? First or second floor? Also, I wonder if David visited the building where Erik was born (Rákosárok utca 1. sz.), if the building still stands.

  • Oh, so this wasn’t his birthplace as well?

  • Thanks, I appreciate that. Sometimes I wonder if anyone is out there. :)

    I don’t know if he went to that address. He should be on his way back to the USA today. Hopefully he can fill us in with some of the details.

  • We’re definitely out here, Kevin. :o) John, I had that in my notes, but I’m pretty sure I read about the Rákosárok location in Kalush/Sloman. Very much looking forward to hearing more from David when he has time.

  • I just came back form seeing “The Expendables”. Sylvester Stallone’s character and his partner had code names. Sly’s partners’ name was Buda and Stallone’s was Pest. It got a decent laugh.

    The big laugh was when Bruce Willis asked what was Schwarzenegger’s problem. Stallone said, “Ah, he wants to be president”. The theater broke out laughing.

  • hello,

    I saw this posted on the Genii forums. I went to Rákosárok utca 1. sz. in 2007 right after it was published in Houdini, The Making of America’s First Superhero.

    Here are my pics of the front door. from what I recall, I had about the same experience as David. People generally knew that Houdini was born there and if I recall, I was told that his apartment was on the second story on the left side of the building on David’s image. I spoke to a couple residents of the building and they seemed generally uninterested in my questions.

  • Ryan – Thanks for the pictures and information. I’m glad you were interested in Houdini to post more pictures. 😉

  • Hi Ryan. I didn’t see your reply until today. Thanks for posting the photographs. I have a question, which I’ll send to you in an email through Flickr.

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  • Hi,
    I will be visiting there in a month.
    The street name changed and 2 floors were added during the last few years.
    My research shows that Rákosárok utca 1. sz. is now Csengery utca.
    I will also visit the Royal Hotel where HH took his mother to the finest dinner in Budapest while she wore the Queens dress.

  • Mark – That is great. Please let us know how you made out and what you have discovered. Hope you take a lot of photos of the area.

  • Great pics and information. Had just started re-reading Kalush/Sloman. Nice link up.

  • Thanks. I’m glad you enjoy it.

  • i’m visiting Budapest next month and would like to visit Houdini birth place . Can you send me his address and anything else we should see related to Houdini

  • I visited Csengery Utca today. I found that the photo above (with the striped awning) is #2 Csengery, not #1. I took photos on both corners just to be sure. I did see the brown doors (in Ryan’s subsequent photos) and believe those to be on the correct building.

    I just don’t want visitors to be confused.

    Also, Joker Magic in Budapest is only a short walk from there.

  • Thanks Joe. I brought this topic back to the top so everyone can read your post. Thanks again.

  • Most probably i would be visiting Budapest in September and would love to do some research on the “ESCAPE ARTIST”.Yours is the only blog in which i got the address of Ehrich.Weiss family during their initial years in Hungary.Thanks to readers views also realized that there was another building which was the birth place of Harry.Houdini(Ehrich.Weiss).

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