Houdini Footage Source Needed

Can anyone recommend¬† some sources of Houdini performing his various escapes? I’m looking for outdoor escapes and not movie related. Thanks!

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  • Do you have that Houdini movie box set from Kino? It has some clips of his bridge dives and rope-tie escapes (prior to his Hollywood career) on there. As for other stuff, I used to be able to find tonnes of clips on Bob King’s HoudiniTribute.com site, and there’s clips elsewhere I’m sure. If you search “houdini escapes” on Google under Videos, there’s a couple of videos of outdoor upside-down straitjacket escapes on YouTube.

    Or are you trying to track down the source info of said clips, i.e. who made them and when? If so, I don’t know if I can help you there. :-\

  • Thanks Beth. That’s a big start. :)

    Anyone else?

  • I think Beth covered it. The Kino set is a great source for HH clips. And the clips are all sourced, so you can see where they came from, Eastman House, etc. You could then contact those companies direct.

  • When I worked as a TV producer, I got outdoor Houdini footage from the National Archives and also the Prelinger Archive (whose name has changed, I think, to Archive Films, or something close to that). There is not very much, as you know.

  • Thanks John and David. Your help is much appreciated..

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