Oh Baby!

Here’s a a rare image of Houdini. This photo was removed from a Houdini scrapbook that Marie Hinson owned and gave to me many years ago. She was a niece of Houdini. Marie was such a nice lady, a real sweetheart. If you ever met her, she was like part of your family as soon as you met her. Thanks Marie.

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  • I know many of us have seen a similar image with Harry and Bess, but I don’t recall seeing this image with just Harry. Very rare indeed. Thanks for sharing. I wish I would of have met Marie.

  • I’ve seen that picture before, in at least one Houdini biography, and I think also in at least one documentary. Still, what a great picture it is.

    I wish I could have met Marie. She seemed like quite an extraordinary woman.

  • Wow, I’ve never seen this image this large and clear. Thank you. I did have the great pleasure of meeting Marie and talking to her at length about her “Uncle Harry.” She was awesome.

  • Great expression on his face!

    Like John, I also found Marie Blood a delight, and a fount of information. Among other things, she was quite knowledgeable about Houdini in Russia, and confirmed many details that seemed apocryphal or incredible.

  • Beth – It may have been this photo you saw. ;)

    I have to agree with the rest of you, Marie was a pleasure to know.

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