What Am I?

This piece is listed on eBay and it has me scratching my head. The seller describes it as an original CDV photo. From what I can see, it just doesn’t look right. It doesn’t look-like a photo, but a printed picture. The image is attached to a CDV card, not processed as a single piece. Finally, this is a format rarely used by 1925,  pre-1895 would be  closer.

Any thoughts on this?

6 Responses to “What Am I?”

  • Weird. I haven’t a clue.

  • So your saying I shouldn’t bid on it??
    Thanks again for your expertise.

  • No, I didn’t say you shouldn’t bid on it. All I asked was what is it?

    With 6 bids and now up to $68.00, they might know something I don’t. Or they could be the bidders that buy the $200, signed in pencil, clipped Houdini signatures. :)

  • Yeah I gotcha,I also cannot believe the cut signature selling now for over 600.00 that is an exact copy of the one selling for 5K thats
    (on ebay)authenticated and in ink..
    Something should be done about this fraud.

  • I tried years ago and eBay only sent me back form emails that left the impression that they didn’t care.

  • Well, it closed at $155.00. Either one you got a great deal or just got a lesson. Let us know when it comes in.

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